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My First Sing-Along Dictionary

My First Sing-Along Dictionary
Designation: VUA Mission 1 Release Date: May, 2010

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Using the 2010 RPM Challenge as an excuse to have a little fun and expand the scope of VUA's collaboration, we cooked up a little scheme with Ross Horsley, the curatorial lexicographer of My First Dictionary, a wryly twisted online children's dictionary decidedly unintended for children.

Each of these songs was not merely inspired but entirely based upon one of Ross's My First Dictionary definitions devised specifically for this project. And let's face it. The one thing dictionaries have been traditionally lacking is the sing-along factor. But no more!

However, be warned. Some of these songs are not for the faint of heart. And definitely not for children. Enjoy!


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MFSAD booklet design by Joshua Wentz  
1. "The Very Us Artists Have Cut A Record" by The VUArtists listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
2. "Mother Would Rather" by Nick Parton listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
3. "Matthew (Is Short Of One Block)" by Sudara listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
4. "Be Prepared For Anything" by Peter Fedofsky listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
5. "The Midlife Crisis Song" by Joshua Wentz
listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
6. "Sacrifice: Hymn For Harvest Rain" by Bilian listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
7. "Cave Canem" by Jeremy Simmons listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
8. "The Vicissitudes Of A Creative Life" by John LaSala & Ali Kilpatrick listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
9. "Happy Families Fade" by Uglifruit listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
10. "Everyone Loves Grandma (Put The Knife Down)" by Colin Garvey
12. Bonus Track: "This Song Is Anonymous (We Do Not Know Its Name)" by ButterflyPolite listen_ear_icon_1.jpg free
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*As with most VUA albums, there are two different versions of My First Sing-Along Dictionary, and the music is slightly different on each. The downloadable MP3 singles are made to stand alone, while the album version of each track has been mixed to create a "gapless," continually running program. In some cases, sections of the music (even a hidden track!) may only exist on the album version; occasionally vice versa.


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