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"Happy Families Fade" by Uglifruit

from the album My First Sing-Along Dictionary

Andy Jenkinson: wrote, sang, and played

"The beauty of Ross's dictionary entries are the micro-narratives they tell. His 'fade' definition immediately struck me as the potential dénouement for a piece of depressing European art house cinema—ideal sing-along material!   For the Broadway musical version of this story, I felt that the mood needed to start at 'unhappy' and slide rapidly downhill from there, culminating in Ross's devastating text.  The instrumental verse is thus provided to give the listener a chance to dance unselfconsciously before the bleak climax."

Thanks to Ross Horsley for making me laugh tea out of my nose, VUA for the amazing concept and medium for this album, and to the rest of ButterflyPolite for not interfering.

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Daddy's away,
Posted abroad,
Sending home pay,
All he can afford.
Mummy pretends,
But I notice that something has changed.
The letters home slow and then disappear,
And mummy's new friend is starting to spend every night here.

Daddy's flown home,
Looking his age.
Doesn't go out,
Except on a race day.
Mummy looks young, I suppose,
And wears all her prettiest clothes.
With her night-schools and works-dos she's never here,
And Daddy will not play until one day he's heard to say,
"I'll hide, and you seek me, my dear,"
And kisses my cheek.

Mummy's gone out.
She's left breakfast made.

I doubt that today
I'll go to the playground
Where hopscotch is laid.
The chalk marks are starting to fade.
The outline is starting to disappear.
Soon we will not be able to tell where daddy was found.

Was it here?