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"Cave Canem" by Jeremy Simmons

the 7th track from the album, My First Sing-Along Dictionary

Jeremy Simmons: composition and performance
Mr. Barbo: snuffling

Jeremy thanks John LaSala for including him in this project and Barbo, who is not even a sniffer dog.

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Kelly is paranoid.
The dog is no threat.
It should be no sweat,
But she's paranoid.

It's a long walk to school,
And there's no turning back for her now.
There's no turning back.
He's hot on her track,
And she's paranoid.

Maybe she's got a dark, dog memory
Hidden inside, suspicious of sniffing dogs and their kind,
But Rex is not even a sniffer dog.

Kelly is paranoid.
Her suspicions unfounded, from make-believe sniffing.
She runs from the sniffing.
He's not even a sniffer dog.