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"The Vicissitudes Of A Creative Life" by John LaSala & Ali Kilpatrick

the 8th track from the album, My First Sing-Along Dictionary

Ali Kilpatrick: synths
John LaSala: guitar, vocals, and lyrics

“This ended up miles away from what I'd first envisaged musically, but I think the final sound fits in with John's lyrics.  That organ reminds me of clowns, who always strike me as being pretty sinister.” —Ali Kilpatrick

“This song began with Ali, as simple waltz in the vein of Dmitri Shostakovich, but then it just kind of spun out of control from there. There's a handful of musical and lyrical allusions and borrowings scattered throughout the song. But then, 'John is a plagiarist,' so it's really no surprise!” —John LaSala

John thanks Ross Horsley for his darkly inspiring creativity, thanks Ali for taking this song down an alley he would have never been able to traverse himself, and Bilian for help with the sound effects and post-production.

Ali thanks John, Ross, the other VUArtists & Elaine for putting up with so much noise.

Have a listen: Listen

Sophia is singing her favorite song,
"The Lullaby of Broadway."
Her best friend's request to give it rest
Is being ignored for the nth time today.

But Verna is creative.
Where some see a skipping rope, she sees a garrote.

A garrote is a lovely thing to wrap around a throat.
Around Sophie's, it should look divine.

George is genteel and his manners ideal.
The ladies often say so.
Awfully polite when he turns out the light,
He's a modern Don Juan Galileo.

He's a wiz with a spyglass,
His piercing eyes peering through panes.
In the asteroid belt, George has seen V-Type bodies so svelte.
And it's almost like being in love.

Hand over hand, things are going as planned, and one by one,
She'll off a pawn, sometimes by en passant, just for fun.

'Cause Sophie's designs are as black as her eyes.
She's enlisting Kenneth, who's got a surprise
For George, who is borrowing John's microphone.
But for now, John is off in a world of his own,
Composing his great masterpiece.

Now Ken is contagious.
The pox he contracted is getting around.
Soon the whole town will just not make a sound.
Well, except for "hidee hi—boopa doo!"

And now the ladies have called for their George to come by.
George will oblige with his eye on the sky, to say good-bye.
Without a sound, Kenneth slumps to the ground.
Don't worry, George. You will be the next one to go.

Now, John is a plagiarist.
He is writing a song called "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway."
He's writing the lyrics of a "brand new" tune.
He is up to the part about magic in the air.

But Verna was original.
Where some saw a jump rope, she saw a garrote.
And that garrote sure looks lovely wrapped 'round Verna's throat.

But now Sophia feels fine.
Now Sophia can shine.
Her voice, it shivers the spine.
Yes, Sophia is fine.