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"Sacrifice: Hymn For Harvest Rain" by Bilian

the 6th track from the album, My First Sing-Along Dictionary

Bilian: all voices, music production and lyrics (with the exception of Ross Horsley's words, of course)

“This record is not suitable for children. Also, the lottery was fixed. Douglas's terrible behavior had sealed his fate. Don't be a Douglas.” —Bilian

Bilian thanks:
John, Kate and Chris for creating VUA & inviting me aboard.   
Ross Horsley for providing his diabolical inspirations.
Josh, Nick, Sudara, Peter, Colin, Andy, Jeremy, Ali and John for their remarkable talents and efforts in helping to make this album.
Christiana and Emerald for their seemingly unending love and support.

Have a listen: Listen

With our hands held in a ring,
We can begin to dance and sing.
Praise Mother Earth each year in spring
With our sacrifice.

Candice and Clarice
Prepare the gifts of grain and wheat.
We'll thank the spirits for our feast
Now, with a sacrifice.

Joseph, Tom and James
Gather the cards that hold our names.
Soon there will be much fun and games,
Choosing our sacrifice.

Boys and girls, can you say, "sacrifice?"
Well done! Now do you know what sacrifice means, children?
To sacrifice something means to give it up.
We begin our rituals with a human sacrifice.

With our love and with our pain,
We offer blood for harvest rain.
Now our hero or heroine
Will be our sacrifice.

Douglas, do not fear.
Come to the pyre as we cheer.
Yours is the greatest honor here,
To be our sacrifice.