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"Be Prepared For Anything" by Peter Fedofsky

the 4th track from the album, My First Sing-Along Dictionary

“After checking out My First Dictionary, I instantly clicked with the concept. After seeing the entry for "prepare," I was drawn to the beautiful suburban world in the picture. Almost from the start, the idea for the story took on this sinister tone, involving infidelity, planning a murder, and the ultimate twist of a husband's revenge upon finding out about all of this, slightly before his attempted murder. The music had to be creepy in tone...well, as creepy as I get in my own pop-centric way. I had to include harpsichords and barbershop elements, as nothing is creepier in my book than that! Anywho, I'm thrilled to have been part of such a great project involving so many talented people.” —Peter Fedofsky

Peter thanks Melissa, Annabel, my mum, Liz, Christian, and Max, John, Ross, all the fine folks who slog through RPM, the lads of Curtains For You, Neal Meyer, Patrick, and David Gordon

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Bessie will prepare Pat's last breakfast.
She will get his last breakfast ready today,
Because it's gonna be Pat's last day.

Rory's in town giving his shoes a shine.
He's got to look proper.
He's got to look fine.
There's no time to play,
'Cause it is gonna be Pat's last day.

In the house with pale blue curtains,
China cups, and silverware,
Bessie's built a life on lies built on top of other lies.
Pressed white shirts and navy blazers
Laid out for her husband again.

Bessie's poaching eggs in the small kitchen.
The clock is ticking the minutes away.
Just a few more hours
And it's gonna be Pat's last day.

Rory cleans a gun that's under his mattress.
He's gotta make sure it's clean today,
'Cause he's been asked to make sure
That it's gonna to be Pat's last day.

In the house with picket fences,
Green, green grass and a big oak tree,
Someone's stepping out behind her
Husband's back at a half past three.

Secret meetings and smudged lipstick
Hidden from her husband again.

She met him in the supermarket.
He was so dapper with a moustache.
One thing lead to another:
Tie and hairpins on the nightstand.

A perfect house and a perfect husband:
Perfectly boring, perfectly boring.
A perfect life and a perfect lifestyle
Wasn't what she wanted at all.

Bessie took a plan out on her husband.
Had a meeting with the insurance man.
It always happens this way.
Too bad it's gonna be Pat's last day.

Pat is driving home from the office.
Traffic is a little light today.
He thinks, "What's that other car
Doing here in my driveway?"

Best laid plans and preparations
Laid to waste in a simple way.
Somone's home a little early,
First time that it's happened this way.
Walking in at the worst moment,
Rory's gonna die today.