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"relax, poor mind" by Jeremy Simmons

from the album Roughly Produced Masterpieces

Thanks to Katie Cissell for making me want to be honest about myself.

Have a listen: Listen

now I lie a thousand times a day
and no one knows, no one knows
I call on a sea of dreams to wash over me
but none can come, none will come

what do people do when odds arenít stacked their way?
wait for trains, wait for signs to come
making paintings of a life thatís passed you by
what can you say? what can be said for that?

stay alive, stay alive, thatís everyoneís advice
doesnít really matter why, doesnít really matter what itís all for
as long as you stay alive

so I sit and watch the sand seething down
too many miles, in too short a time
letís say it was a good run, letís say it was a blast
and in peace it can go, in peace let it go
and no one knows a thing