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"Rising Pzychotropic Moonlight" by Pzychotropic

from the album Roughly Produced Masterpieces

"This is my first attempt at putting in all the elements I've been experimenting with over the last 12 months. Multiple ambient layers of synthy wibbles and wobbles, mixed with subtle background guitar plinking, solid bass, unobtrusive drums and solid lead guitaring. Oops! Nearly forgot! My first vocal warbling." óMac

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I'm looking for the dreamer
who is looking for the dream.
Do you really want to break my heart,
just to try and find some scene?

I don't want to raise the dead.
I don't want you in my bed.
You'll never find a rising sun,
searching through my head.

Walking in the moonlight,
talking in my sleep.
Carry on your dreaming.
The mountain is so steep.

My sanity I can't keep.
Even the willows, they wonít weep.
When the sun begins to bleed,
I don't know what I seek.

Never-ending pressure.
I know I have to wait.
Even if the world wont let you,
I hope it's not too late.