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"The Return of a Popular Mister" by Vivian Circle

from the album Roughly Produced Masterpieces

Barney: vocals, guitar, keyboards
Vivian: inspiration, cello, piano
George: a rocksteady beat

"Well, we had a few moments before our respective planes took off, and Barney's Xanax kicked in, so we figured let's just record a one-off right here in the airport lounge, "whatta ya say kids, are ya with me?" and that's really about how we approach everything, we make a plan to record, and then we each bring something to the table, we mash it up and see what it sounds like. RPM is fun too." óC.Thomas a.k.a. "Barney"

We would like to thank everyone who believed in us, especially ourselves..

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Oh mister popular was here today.
I never heard him say such things,
like how the body works
and "success makes the man"
and how we never really learn those things.