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Roughly Produced Masterpieces

Roughly Produced Masterpieces

designation: WoO beta

Release Date: March 11, 2008

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artwork: "Regnat Penetralia Mentis" by Christine Pollock Look  
1. "Razi/Paulo/Mandisa" by Michelangelo Listen Free
2. "Rodents Probed Melanie" by Thee Crumb Listen Free
3. "red+purple=magenta" by Joshua Wentz Listen Free
4. "The Return of a Popular Mister" by Vivian Circle Listen Free
5. "Raga Profound Magic" by Di.J. Noizepunk Listen Free
6. "Rising Pzychotropic Moonlight" by Pzychotropic Listen Free
7. "Ricky Plays Music" by Mr. Glide Listen Free
8. "Role-Playing Master" by HAIRWOLF Listen Free
9. "relax, poor mind" by Jeremy Simmons Listen Free
10. "Rounding Perihelion Molniya" by Darren Baker Listen Free
11. "Recherche pour maintenant" by Zeck Jr. Listen Free
12. "Revolutions Per Minute" by Tim Kopp Listen Free
13. "Rush the Pizza 2 the Mannequin" by Jeff Daschbach Listen Free
14. "Rainy Purple Mondays" by Brian Wilbur Grundstrom Listen Free
15. "Right Past Me" by Maddy and Nancy Listen Free
16. "Rebel, Patriot, Malefactor" by John LaSala Listen Free
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This is music written and recorded during February 2008 for The RPM Challenge. The only other criteria for this very loosely-themed album was as follows: All the songs were to be titled with replacement bacronyms (a.k.a. reverse acronyms) for R.P.M.—that is to say, feasible explanations as to what RPM stands for. But in the end, this album was made purely for the fun and exercise of it. We hope you enjoy the terrifically eclectic fruits of the February '08 harvest.


There are two different versions of this album, and the music is slightly different on each. The downloadable MP3 singles are made to stand alone, while the album version of each track has been mixed to create a "gapless," continually running program. In some cases, sections of the music may only exist on the album version; occasionally vice versa.

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Digital Album: This includes all the digital single mix MP3s from this album.

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