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"There Is Profundity In Madness" by Carpentron

"There Is Profundity In Madness" by Carpentron

Chris Torgersen, everything
John LaSala, a bit of co-production

"Today's cutting edge, hot new thing is tomorrow's yesterday's news. In a disposable world of disposable things, where new ideas come along faster than most people can adapt to them, how does it feel to be a discarded idea? A dead end that had once been a promising start? The former next big thing that never became the current big thing? And what if society, in its rush toward the next next big thing, overlooked the true potential of the previous next big thing. And what if that travelled along its own path to an unexpected future that would make people regret having ever ignored it?" óChris Torgersen

"I've made it no secret that I regard Chris a genius. That his music has gone unnoticed I can only attribute to lack of exposure. But I can only imagine that once the world does catch a glimpse, it will surely take notice. Maybe not widely, but certainly deeply. So, I'd say I'm pretty honored to be the first to lend a hand in producing this, his first Carpentron song for VUA. May it be the first small step on a very long and fruitful journey." óJohn LaSala

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I would like to thank: John for all his work and help with getting this track to sound halfway decent, and for going with this whole VUA idea; Rhonda, my wife, for returning with me to New York and putting up with my issues, and for pushing me to do this; and my boys Aidan and Jalen, who keep me grounded and make me happy when nothing else can.