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"Prototype for the Neophyte (Always Save Your Work)" by The Synthasium

from the album Opus Cipher: The Prototype

John LaSala: words and music
Chris Torgersen: music and words

"High on the extremely localized "success" of our first magnum opus collaboration, a staged monstrosity called Dimensional Rift, we became The Synthasium. We then spent several years meticulously piecing together the much-anticipated (by us) demo album, Prototype for the Neophyte. But just when we were ready to mix down some of the best work we'd ever done, disaster struck. A cataclysmic hard drive crash cast most of our precious music into oblivion. This was so deeply frustrating that Synthasium essentially winked out of existence for the subsequent nine years. But now, nearly a decade later, the reforged Synthasium revisits the tragic event whose occurrence most certainly altered the American musical landscape of the late 1990s (for us), through song." — The Synthasium

Chris would like to thank John for taking the rather predictable and poppy skeleton of a song he'd made and shaping it into something much weirder and more interesting. While John would like to thank Chris for coming back to NYC to help exhume this little project from its premature grave. The Synthasium thanks Kate for the good sense she brings to people who have none and Michael Nordstrand for conjuring up our brand new gem of a logo.

Have a listen: Listen

A prototype for neophytes
Was near completion by all rights.
Us, back in the day:
"We're sure it will amaze the world!"

So there it was, (coming right along)
A perfect song,
But what had happened? ("What has happened?! What has happened?!")
"Something wrong!"
"A technological betrayal!"

It all caved in, a dream withdrawn,
For everything we'd done was gone.
Prototype for the Neophyte was lost.

The Tech:
"Hey man, sorry your data's too fragmented to save,"
The Suits:
"But here's a new disk and software upgrade—
a much bigger disk—a nice free upgrade.
You're welcome."

And so we part. (We go our separate ways,)
We hibernate (We're moving to bigger and brighter things.)
To forget what we can't escape.
But bright ideas in time return.

So here we are. We rise again,
Triumphant, with a fountain pen.
Prototype for the Neophyte is this:

A Hypothetical Quidnunc:
"Hey man, whatever came of that thing you were going to do?"
"Oh. Well, Fate wasn't so kind to our would-be so brilliant debut,
For back in '98, Roland went berserk,
And the moral of the story is to always save your work,
Save your work,
Save your work.
Oh, don't be a jerk:
Save your work.
(Save your work.)

But here we are to sing again —
To conjure up a brand new gem.
"Prototype for the Neophyte" on a prototype made by neophytes is complete.