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Opus Cipher: The Prototype

Opus Cipher: The Prototype
Designation: WoO alpha Release Date: August 28, 2007

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Artwork: OCTP by Joshua Wentz  
1. "Prototype for the Neophyte" by The Synthasium listen_ear_icon_1.jpg Free
2. "There we go" by Nervous Lathe Operator listen_ear_icon_1.jpg Free
3. "Instigator" by LEMMA listen_ear_icon_1.jpg Free
4. "Step Right Up: Magrathea Edition" by Mr. Glide listen_ear_icon_1.jpg Free
5. "There Is Profundity In Madness" by Carpentron listen_ear_icon_1.jpg Free
6. "Son of Man" by Chaos and the Dancing Stars listen_ear_icon_1.jpg Free
Hear the entire album version of Opus Cipher: The Prototype* listen_ear_icon_1.jpg  
The theme of this album is "prototypes." Just what that means has been left up to the artist. Examples may be breaking new ground or simply stepping upon it. A test flight for test pilots. An experiment. A predecessor establishing precedence.

Not the storm, but the calm before it. Not a new day, but the predawn just before.

Songs about prototypes, on a prototype album, for a prototype project. On a prototype instrument? In a prototype genre? With prototype words from a prototype tongue spoken by prototype people?

This is Opus Cipher: The Prototype. This is music and art embracing the concept of prototype. These are The Very Us Artists joining together to show our prototype to the world.

*As with most VUA albums, there are two different versions of Opus Cipher, and the music is slightly different on each. The downloadable MP3 singles are made to stand alone, while the album version of each track has been mixed to create a "gapless," continually running program. In some cases, sections of the music may only exist on the album version; occasionally vice versa.