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"Begin Again" by Maddy and Nancy

from the album Nascence and Child

Maddy and Nancy: everything

John LaSala: mixing and post-production


"This song was written for the album's theme. It happened to be a perfect fit for us since we have recently made a lot of changes in our lives and in a lot of ways feel as though we're starting over. So our recent life experiences are without a doubt a great source of our inspiration. Sometimes beginnings are a scary place to be, but new experiences are essential to grow and "learn what to hold on to." So thanks to VUA we have already begun again!" —Maddy and Nancy

We would like to thank our mom, the Chrises and their families, our brother Paul and his family, Aunt Audrey, Annabelle, Marta and Ruth, our good friends Kristi, Erin, Maria, Sarah, Aida, Jim and Jena, Ritchie and Silvana, the NJ Twinnies (Joan and Trisha), Maddy's good-natured boss Dave, and the VUA staff (Kate, Chris and John). We're also thankful for the time that we worked with the current members of Blackmore's Night and crew, thanks to all the fans (this also includes previous BN members Tina and Bob)! And of course anyone who has supported us all along. Please feel free to scold us if we did not include your names since we had to keep this brief..

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Is this the limit or an origin,
A new beginning from another end,
A sudden freedom or a prison?
We begin again, again, again, again.

What’s a simple definition:
The big bang theory or creation?
We wish for only one solution:
To begin again, again, again, again.

The world still keeps on turning, and the sky’s still blue.
We just keep on learning what to hold on to.

Take one step in this direction—
Another rule or the exception.
Is this all just our perception?
To begin again, again, again, again.

We begin again…

Is this real or an illusion?
Life is full of this confusion—
Another story, no conclusion.
To begin again, again, again, again.
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