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"The Tay River Pearl" by Sheri Bauer-Mayorga

"The Tay River Pearl" by Sheri Bauer-Mayorga

Sheri: music and lyrics
John LaSala: mixing and post-production

"The chaos, bumps, thorns, knots, and grit one encounters while living on the planet seem to be the fuel that propels us into seeing our existence with greater clarity. A revelation or an inspiration is often proceeded by turbulence, a question, a dilemma; anything that gets under the skin. A pearl of nature led me to a new pearl of insight. I met a jewelry maker in Scotland who lived near the Tay River. I was telling her about a walk I took the night before along the Tay. The water was rough and dark; worthy of a stage set for MacBeth. Hearing this, she pulled out a tackle box with her jewelry making tools, poked around, and began to unfold a small piece of velvet. Inside was a pearl she had purchased from a Scottish Travelor ("gypsies" to Yankees). The pearl was cut in half and the luminous outer coating surrounded a tiny, tiny speck of Tay River dirt. I began to imagine the oyster working under the dark waters to extract this annoying speck of earth while producing this precious pearl. Suddenly, I was on a new bit of internal ground myself and something inside said, "aha!" This song was the residue of a moment I think back on often; moments when I'm in the thick of it." —Sheri Bauer-Mayorga

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Thanks to John LaSala for patiently guiding me closer to musical life in the modern world and making it look like fun.


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