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"First & Last Love" by Gene 'Noizepunk' Pritsker

from the album Nascence and Child

Gene 'Noizepunk' Pritsker: guitars, lyrics, rap, synth
David Banks: vocals

"The song is about lasting love, how your first love can be the one that lasts forever and be also your last love. On an album that emphasize beginnings, a lasting love can be translated into a lasting project. I wrote the song to propose to my wife. At our wedding we danced to a big band/crooner version of it as our first dance. For me it has worked as a lasting love song and I hope its contribution to this album is as successful as my marriage." —Gene Pritsker

Thanks to my wife Kim. I proposed with this song to her and it worked.

Have a listen: Listen

I should have strength to explain every subtlety
flooding through me—so much love, words just will not do.
That’s why I rely on sound to help me tell you.
It's my only friend—I know that music never can let me down.
Words will fail me when I try to tell you love that’s deep inside.
Music is the only way that I can tell you how I feel.

All I want to say to you is
All I want to say to you is
All I want to say to you
All I want to say to you:
You’re my first and last love.

How can I show intimacy without using speech?
Music sets us oh-so-free—love's heights we shall reach.
All I really want to know is Will you be mine?
I will dedicate my sound to you so music will let love shine.
I shall show you all I mean—through my sound—you’re the best thing in my life.
Follow me into the night will let the music arrive.


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