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"Don't Start" by Nick P

from the album Nascence and Child

Nick Parton: everything, I tell you! EVERYTHING!!

"The lyrics, quite transparently, tell the story of a relationship that is slowly crumbling, despite mutual affection. The idea was to construct the backing track purely out of music composed during the imagined timeframe of the relationship. This worked rather nicely, utilising material both from digital and four-track analogue days, though I mainly ended up stealing whole hooks, as opposed to using tiny samples and building it up piece-by-piece. It fits in with the theme by virtue of the narrator imagining a fresh, but nerve-racking new start, post-relationship." óNick Parton

Thanks to Sarah for her patience.

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I donít know if Iíll be starting again
Good god, will I be starting again?
Could I?
Can I?

Would I love again
Against your wish?
Would you move first because of it?

If you throw me off
And I throw off you
Would the world smell new or used?
The deepest, darkest, richest dust
Since the time we made of us
Will you?
Will I?

I wish you wouldn't raid all my thoughts
I wish that I could say I cannot be bought

I wish you wouldn't raid all my thoughts
I wish that I could say you cannot be fought

And I worry for you
More than me
I want you to know I'd never retreat
If you needed my hand
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