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Nascence and Child

Nascence and Child

designation: Opus 1 No. 1

Release Date: October 30, 2007

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artwork: "Beginning" by A.L. Ashbaugh  Look  
1. "Tear It Down" by Carpentron $1
2. "Don't Start" by Nick P $1
3. "First & Last Love" by Gene 'Noizepunk' Pritsker $1
4. "If At Last" by Joshua Wentz $1
5. "Resign Yourself" by Wendy Waves $1
6. "Prevails, Despite Diminishing Resources" by Lea+Enrôl Yon $1
7. "The Tay River Pearl" by Sheri Bauer-Mayorga $1
8. "Begin Again" by Maddy and Nancy $1

The theme of this album is "beginnings": the dawn, the pioneers, the flash of a newborn star. It is the point of origin, the genesis of some thing yet unknown. It is the first step down that shadowed path, into that hitherto undiscovered land. It is all of these things. Or it is none of them. What it is had been left up to these Very Us Artists. And now it is up to you—how you interpret these creations. The calm has broken, and the storm is upon us. Nascence and Child has emerged.

This is square one, where it all begins, that place to which we can never return...not truly, not ever quite the same. What lies herein explores the concept of beginnings, innocent, insular or singular. The Very Us Artists has cracked open the board and laid out the pieces. Roll the dice or draw a card. The next move is yours.


There are two different versions of this album, and the music is slightly different on each. The downloadable MP3 singles are made to stand alone, while the album version of each track has been mixed to create a "gapless," continually running program. In some cases, sections of the music may only exist on the album version; occasionally vice versa.

Price: $7.00
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Digital album: This includes the digital single mix MP3s from this album only.

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