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Q: First, just what is The Very Us Artists, anyway?

A: The short answer is that it's an assortment of artist-types banding together to create one-of-a kind creations of sight, sound and even fiction! But, you'll definitely want to check out the Q&A page for the full answer.

The VUAgents

Kate Baldwin, Business Director

The great overseer of many things, Kate’s responsibilities include contract negotiations, royalty accounting and whatever else needs to be done on the business side of things. For over a decade she has been active in PR and artist management and is currently vice president of TownHall Records, a label that was started before she was even born!

William Ian Jaws, Artistic Director

Known professionally as Bilian, William has been working in clubs, studios, and on stage for decades. Exposing thousands to the finest industrial, electronic and darkwave music, Bilian's DJ and musical talents have been featured at many of New York's premiere venues. Bilian is a renowned producer and is currently immersed in the production of several releases, both for VUA and numerous others.

Bilian's VUA music:

John LaSala, Co-founder & Artistic Director

John is an ardent composer, coffee snob, and dreamer. His debut album, the award-winning soundtrack to The Snow Queen, an off-off Broadway dance theater production, was released on TownHall Records. It was John wholeheartedly stands by the belief that if you don’t French—er..."Freedom" press your coffee, then it isn’t worth drinking.

The Very Us Artists is John’s brainchild and the longtime realization of a dream where the plenitude of talented people he knows (and would like to know) should all do creative stuff together.

John's VUA music:

Chris Torgersen, Co-founder

Chris is a native New Yorker currently playing a real-life Superman for his two sons in Queens. He is an experimental/progressive rock keyboardist and composer and particularly likes weird meters, chord progressions, and Mallomars®. Chris is pretty sure reality is an illusion.

John and Chris have been musical partners for many years, since they met in college where their first hare-brained scheme was a staged, full scale rock opera.

Chris's VUA music: