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The Synthasium

The Synthasium

Chris Torgersen, John LaSala

Post-industrial neo-alternative electro-folk rock band, The Synthasium, formed in the mid-1990s from the ashes of the completely unknown Dying Breed, whose single “release” featured such dorm room classics as "Crestfallen" and "God of His World". But the new project, consisting of John LaSala on mandolin (among other instruments) and Chris Torgersen on synth-glockenspiel (among other keyboard settings), spent several years crafting their severely doomed album, Prototype for the Neophyte, until it had an irreversible encounter with digital nothingness. First the album, then the band. Nine years later, in an attempt to reverse the irreversible, The Synthasium is reborn—recast—reanimate! Hopefully they have learned their lesson: always save your work.

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