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Maddy and Nancy


You may have heard of them under the names Sisters of the Moon, Lady Madeline and Nancy, or as "the singing twins" from world-renowned Blackmore's Night, named for Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple and Singer/Songwriter Candice Night. Prior to joining Blackmore's Night they'd worked on various projects of their own including their first CD, Movin' On, under the name It's Just Me, with musicians from North Carolina, NYC, and Long Island plus funk bassist Mark White from the Spin Doctors.

During their college years, Maddy and Nancy performed in Dimensional Rift, an original rock opera written and composed by VUA's John LaSala and Chris Torgersen. The twins toured with Blackmore's Night for five years but recently left the band to focus on original material and pursue new projects like this one! Maddy and Nancy want to continue sharing their lives' experiences through music with the world!